Migrating Your Data To The Cloud?

Improve and expand your firm's cloud security coverage with Forrester's quick, 20-question assessment tool

Security is considered a #1  challenge to cloud-migration initiatives.  Leverage Forrester's complimentary tool to:

  • Assess 20 activities in six competency areas including governance, measurement, people, process, strategy and technology
  • Beef up cloud security before starting your cloud migration
  • Create cloud security targets and track progress over time




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Why Protegrity?

For IT and security teams who need to protect data in a hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment,  Protegrity Cloud Protect offers data protection across the full range of complex architectures through continuous sensitive data discovery paired with centralized policy administration and monitoring.  Extend your data to the cloud without compromising your security and compliance requirements.

Jumpstart Cloud Migration

Effective data security protects data in its journey to the cloud. Streamlining and consolidating your data-protection strategy frees time for building innovation into the fabric of your cloud-migration strategy from day one.

Sensitive Data Discovery

Identify sensitive data in the cloud so innovation can proceed uninterrupted. Data offers value only if it’s discovered, classified, and protected. It’s a huge challenge to keep tabs on data migrating to the cloud.

Freely Innovate in the Cloud

Cloud is where the magic happens. It untethers you from relying solely on physical infrastructure. To fulfill the dream of cloud-migration initiatives, data in the cloud needs to be protected so businesses can innovate without worry.​